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Concrete flooring is a great finish option for floors on a concrete slab. Depending upon the condition of the concrete and the use of the floor, there is a perfect solution to your flooring needs. For high traffic areas a polished concrete finish is incredibly durable, a stained and sealed finish is great for rich color and stain prevention, a metallic epoxy coating can create brilliantly stunning effects and an epoxy flake system will protect and beautify areas such as garages or rec rooms. No matter what method you choose, all of our flooring options exceed all slip standards even our “glassy” epoxy floors.

Polished concrete is achieved by mechanically grinding, honing and polishing the concrete surface. The concrete can be colored with a dye and polished to a variety of sheen. Much like sanding a piece of wood, the more passes and the higher grit you polish with, the higher the gloss factor will be. Polished concrete floors are extremely durable, starting with the high durability of concrete, we then further harden the surface throughout the process and increase stain resistance to create a beautiful, resilient floor. The finish in polished concrete utilizes the existing concrete, so any imperfections in the concrete surface may show through. For heavily patched or stained concrete or uneven concrete this may not be the best option for a finish, depending upon the design of the space.

Stain is an excellent way to add color and design to your concrete floor. The stains allow the variations in the concrete surface to show through, giving nice soft changes in the colors offering a variegated effect. Combined with etching we can create dramatic design elements. The final finish for a stained floor s achieved through the use of a sealer allowing for excellent stain resistance. Like the polished concrete we are coloring the existing concrete, so imperfections in the floor may show in the finished appearance, which may or may not be desirable. The limitation of stained concrete is the durability of the sealer. While offering great stain resistance, the coating of sealer is more susceptible to scratches or scuffs than polished concrete. For high traffic areas this may require a good maintenance plan. Don’t let that scare you though, as this system has been successfully used in high traffic retail stores as well.

Metallic epoxy floors create some of the most exciting floor designs you may ever see. This product achieves color by suspending a powdered pigment in a heavy clear coating. We are then able to manipulate the suspended particles to produce amazing patterns. The floors get really dramatic when multiple colors are combined. The finish is excellent at stain prevention and produces a high gloss finish that can be toned down to a satin finish. The higher gloss makes it harder to hide small scratches and scuffs, but this can be mitigated through the use of sacrificial top coats. metallic epoxy floors have been successfully used in commercial and residential settings.

Epoxy flake systems are thought of as a typical garage floor coating system. This can also be used in commercial areas, rec areas and high traffic areas. The system uses a colored epoxy base coat with a colored flake that is broadcast into it. The product is then sealed with a topcoat to suit the proposed use of the floor. The system comes in a variety of color combinations and is great for high traffic and abused areas. It also gives traction to wet, slippery, areas.


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