Countertop Measurements

At Concrete Designs we don't want custom to be complex. That is why we offer an online calculator to help you estimate your project budget. It's simple, easy, and ensures you can ballpark your project from the comfort of your home.

To start:

  1. Grab your tape measure
  2. Measure your space
  3. Pick your Type of Countertop: L-Shape, Horseshoe or Straight
  4. Enter each side of your measurements into the corresponding sides of the shape you selected
  5. Hit Calculate Price
  6. Email us for more details and to finalize your custom countertop order!

It's that simple . . . Keep in mind this is an estimate and prices will vary regarding thickness, color and of course your own custom detailing.

Select Type Of Countertop & Enter Values

Once you have done that select Email Us Today and add your name and details to the form below.

Email Us Details for Ballpark Price