Custom Outdoor Concrete Furniture, Made in Kansas City

Are you looking for unique outdoor furniture? Concrete Designs is a furniture company that makes custom concrete furniture including custom outdoor concrete furniture. Concrete is a fabulous material to use outdoors because of its durability, but it doesn’t have to only be used for sidewalks, patios, or driveways. You can use concrete to create an outdoor concrete table, an outdoor concrete counter, or a concrete picnic table. Your furniture will last a long time when it’s made with concrete.

Concrete Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Concrete outdoor furniture can be as unique as you would like it to be. We have custom-made many unique outdoor pieces. It’s not limited to just fire pits we have made outdoor concrete grilling spaces, concrete bars, and concrete patio tables. Take a look at some ideas for custom outdoor concrete furniture and then contact us on how we can truly make them as you would like:

  • Outdoor tables
  • Outdoor chairs
  • Outdoor sofas and benches
  • Outdoor built-in concrete barbeque areas
  • Concrete features like birdbaths or fountains
  • Outdoor stools
  • Concrete planters
  • Concrete garden boxes
  • Outdoor concrete coffee tables
  • Concrete fire pits
Custom CounterTop by Concrete Designs

Now You Can Have Unique Designs

Whether you are looking for an outdoor chaise lounge, patio table, or backyard living room, concrete can be a great material to build your outdoor furniture with. Concrete Designs specializes in cement furniture of all types, sizes, and styles. We can create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of furniture for your outdoor living space or create several different outdoor decor pieces that will work with the natural elements of your home’s outdoor environment.

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