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Concrete Designs serves the Greater Kansas City Metro and creates and ships custom projects nationwide. We specialize in creating custom decorative precast concrete products such as concrete countertops, concrete vanities, concrete sinks, concrete firepits, concrete tables, and more. We thrive on creating Functional Concrete Art that is as unique as our clients. We also care about doing an excellent job providing concrete services to homeowners and business owners because the experience matters almost as much as the product.

Furniture That Tells Your Story

Furniture and surfaces don’t have to only be functional. They can tell a story about who you are, what you care about, and how you want to live. Your home is an expression of you, and your belongings should reflect everything you want to be.

Furniture should be functional, but it can also be art. Here at Concrete Designs, we want to facilitate your vision of what your home or business should look like. We can custom design concrete furniture and surfaces to fit your space and your personality.

Our chosen material is concrete, but we can shape that concrete to the unique style and purpose you are looking for. We want the look you are trying to achieve to materialize through our concrete designs. Think we can’t come up with something extra special just for you? Check out our gallery to see all the exclusive designs we’ve created for our clients.

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At Concrete Designs, our experts specialize in custom concrete projects for unique spaces and for any application.

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Our team creates handmade artwork through concrete, and every piece tells a different story of craftsmanship. 

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All products are handmade using the highest quality materials to create a beautiful, long-lasting product.

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Concrete Designs renovated a large barn space with 200 square feet of countertop and two vanity sinks.

2 level concrete bar in wood lodge

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You May Ask, “Why Concrete?” We Say, “What Else Is There?”

Concrete work is what we love. It’s an extremely hardworking material, yet versatile. It can be used in nearly any project, and we just love the look of it. You can get concrete polished for a sleek look or get it custom designed to fit any project idea. We want your total satisfaction, which is why we are committed to quality work, customer service, and a creative spirit.

Looking for custom countertops, decorative patios, a concrete surround for a commercial kitchen, or flatwork for a driveway? We have the decorative concrete expertise combined with professionalism to bring to life any idea you can dream up. Check out one of our latest design projects below.

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We offer free estimates for your next concrete project, so don’t delay in reaching out to us. With years of experience, testimonials, and satisfied customers to back us up, you can rest assured that Concrete Designs can deliver on your concrete design.



Our Latest Project

Stairs at Allen Fieldhouse, University of Kansas

This project consisted of The Grand Staircase in Allen Field House at the University of Kansas and 2 staircases in the adjoining DeBruce center. We went way out of our comfort zone on this project! We created and installed concrete stair treads that were colored and polished with exposed aggregate. The Grand Staircase consisted of…