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Our Products are Individually Crafted & Hand Made


Explore Concrete Designs for unique, custom concrete pieces for your home or business. Ordering bespoke concrete items, like sinks and firepits, is a breeze with us.

Can't find your ideal design? No problem! Reach out, and we'll bring your vision to life - from wall decor to tabletops. Embark on your concrete design journey with us today!

Bring the Magic of Concrete Design's Zero Depth Sinks into Your Home

It is no secret that hand washing is a necessary activity. Let us help you turn this chore into novelty with the sleek design of a zero depth sink from Concrete Designs.

Handmade In America

At Concrete Designs we specialize in crafting custom concrete pieces, all made right here in the USA. Located in the heart of Kansas City, we're happily shipping our unique concrete designs nationwide. With a dedicated, skilled team, we're experts in creating one-of-a-kind concrete countertops, sinks and more, delivering art that's not just beautiful, but functional too.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our exceptional service ensures a delightful experience. So for your next concrete sink, countertop, or more, choose Concrete Designs. We make concrete extraordinary.

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Get a Concrete Cost on Your Next Project With Our Concrete Countertop Calculator

Before you plan out your concrete countertop project, get a general estimate with our online concrete countertop estimator! Simply scope out the project and then share your results with us. It's as easy as measuring, entering values, and emailing us the details! We'll take it from there and get your project started ASAP.

Concrete Furniture That Tells Your Story

At Concrete Designs, we believe in mixing style with function. We create custom concrete furniture that doesn't just serve your needs but also tells a story about you and your style.

Our designs reflect your personality and how you envision your space. From concrete tables to concrete benches, our artisan creations fit your unique needs and aesthetic.

Don't just take our word for it. Explore our gallery of exclusive designs crafted just for our clients and see how we bring their vision to life with our custom concrete designs.

Custom Concrete Countertop
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At Concrete Designs, our experts specialize in custom concrete projects for unique spaces and for any application.

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Our team creates handmade artwork through concrete, and every piece tells a different story of craftsmanship. 

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All products are handmade using the highest quality materials to create a beautiful, long-lasting product.

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Concrete Designs renovated a large barn space with 200 square feet of countertop and two vanity sinks.

2 level concrete bar in wood lodge

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You May Ask, “Why Concrete?” We Say, “What Else Is There?”

Concrete work is what we love. It’s an extremely hardworking material, yet versatile. It can be used in nearly any project, and we just love the look of it. You can get concrete polished for a sleek look or get it custom designed to fit any project idea. We want your total satisfaction, which is why we are committed to quality work, customer service, and a creative spirit.

Looking for custom countertops, a commercial kitchen, a unique outdoor living space? We have the decorative concrete expertise combined with professionalism to bring to life any idea you can dream up. 

Get Ideas for Your Next Concrete Project

Aren’t yet sure exactly what you’re looking for but know you want something special? Reach out to Concrete Designs to discuss furniture ideas.

Perhaps you want to jazz up a back patio area but don’t know what to put in the space, or maybe you want to create an outdoor kitchen with polished concrete countertops. Have you been dying to put a unique bench in your garden but couldn’t find what you were imagining in stores or online?

Concrete Designs specializes in creating custom concrete furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces. There are no limits to what we can create for you. Let’s talk about your ideas today! 


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    Hand Made Concrete Pieces - Ordered Online and Shipped to You

    Looking to add a unique touch to your home or office with handcrafted concrete pieces? Look no further than Concrete Designs! Our team of skilled artisans creates stunning concrete sinks, furniture, and custom artwork with unparalleled attention to detail. 

    Each piece is made by hand, ensuring its quality and uniqueness. We offer a vast selection of designs from minimalist to intricately detailed pieces. Ordering online and having items shipped nationwide has never been easier, allowing you to bring Concrete Designs' craftsmanship into your own space. 

    Experience the beauty and durability of Concrete Designs' handcrafted concrete pieces today by ordering online and enjoying nationwide shipping!


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