Custom Pool House in Lee’s Summit, MO


Concrete Designs' latest project was adding custom concrete elements to a pool house in Lee's Summit, MO. The pool house already had a concrete floor, so the team worked with what they had to create a custom design that would complement the existing space. After creating the new design, the team worked with the homeowner to make sure that everything fit perfectly. Once they had the okay from the homeowner, they went to work creating the final product. The result was a beautiful, functional space that the homeowner is sure to enjoy for years to come. Concrete Designs is proud to have been a part of this project and looks forward to many more like it in the future.

This project included more than 200 square feet of concrete countertop, corbels, a footrest, and a dual basin concrete sink. The pieces were all cast in black concrete with an egg and dart edge. Small decorative stones and large geodes were used as an aggregate adding many bright colors to the space in the daylight. At night the project comes to life with fiberoptics backlighting all of the translucent stones that were cast into the piece. The project brought with it many challenges, such as determining the best way to transfer light from the cable to the stones, the overall size of the pieces, and the shapes created by the existing structure. The completed project really shines and has been the WOW factor for the homeowner and his many guests.

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