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Concrete Countertops are currently the biggest trend in kitchen remodels. You may also notice concrete sinks in the restrooms of some of your favorite restaurants. So what makes concrete countertops so desireable? Many factors. Strength and durability, color options, size and shape, edge detail and the ability to utilize many different add-ins.

Concrete countertops are cast with high strength specialty mixes, designed to be cast thin and with fewer seam requirements than needed in typical slab concrete. Some mixes allow for unsupported spans of several feet and can be cantilevered more than a foot. Concrete countertops can be colored in a variety of ways. The color can be added throughout the entire mix for a solid color top, the top can be stained to create a mottled effect, metallic epoxies can create a highly reflective surface or the top can be polished to expose aggregate. A top can also use multiple coloring options for highly personalized looks.

Concrete can be formed to take any shape imaginable, allowing for a top to conform to any space or to create a centerpiece. Due to the ability to take on any shape, the edge of a concrete countertops can have any design, whether it is a straight edge, rounded edge or even egg and dart, any design is possible.

Want to really set off your concrete countertop? A wide variety of materials can be cast into the countertop slab. Fiber optic lighting is a flashy trend, broken glass is a popular concrete countertop add in. An old technique also creates a beautiful top, Terrazzo. Terrazzo is created by adding small pieces of marble chips into the mix.

Regardless of the look you want to achieve with your countertops, concrete is a unique and viable option, call us for details.

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