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The design potential of concrete is virtually limitless. If it can be formed, it can be poured. This expands our abilities from flat slabs to vertical, curvy, and 3-dimensional works of art. All of the same principles that go into creating concrete countertops go into creating concrete furniture. Our artisans have created concrete water features, concrete fire pits, concrete coffee tables, concrete benches, concrete desks, and concrete chairs. We have even had the opportunity to create a concrete bathtub! We are always up for a challenge and always looking for better, more unique designs to create. No matter how outlandish the idea may sound, bring it to us, and let’s see if we can create something incredible!

Concrete Furniture for Outdoor Use

Although your outdoor furniture is likely advertised as being weather-proof, it probably won’t be long before it shows signs of weathering. It’s not uncommon for patio furniture to rust from years of rain, fade from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays, and suffer damage (or be lost completely) from strong winds.

Not only is concrete furniture incredibly stylish, but it’s also extremely durable and practical for outdoor use. Here are a few reasons to consider integrating modern concrete furniture into your outdoor living space design:

  • Concrete is one of the strongest materials available, making it capable of withstanding storms and extreme weather conditions
  • Concrete is a sustainable material that will complement any natural elements that you have incorporated into your outdoor design, including wood, metal, and leather
  • Concrete is endlessly versatile and can be shaped into outdoor tables, benches, chairs, fire pits, and more

Indoor Concrete Furniture

Concrete furniture isn’t just for outdoor use—concrete is a beautiful addition to a wide range of interior design styles from modern minimalism to traditional farmhouse. Here are just a few examples of the types of pieces our furniture designers can create:

  • Concrete side tables, dining tables, and cocktail tables
  • Concrete chairs, stools, and benches
  • Concrete kitchen islands
  • Concrete block storage solutions and shelving units

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