About Our Custom Concrete Services

The design potential of concrete is virtually limitless. If it can be formed, it can be poured. This expands our abilities from flat slabs to vertical, curvy, and 3-dimensional works of art. All of the same principles that go into creating concrete countertops go into creating concrete furniture. Our artisans have created concrete water features, concrete fire pits, concrete coffee tables, concrete benches, concrete desks, and concrete chairs. We have even had the opportunity to create a concrete bathtub! We are always up for a challenge and always looking for better, more unique designs to create. No matter how outlandish the idea may sound, bring it to us, and let’s see if we can create something incredible!

Concrete Countertops and Tabletops

Concrete countertops have become very desirable in kitchen design. Concrete is a medium that allows the client to be a part of the design, providing a product that is unique to the client. Every detail from shape, color, pattern, and thickness, reflects the personality and style of that individual client.

concrete counter tops in commercial restaurant
concrete patio chair with tile inlay

Concrete Furniture

Not only is concrete furniture incredibly stylish, but it’s also extremely durable and practical for outdoor use. Concrete is one of the strongest materials available, making it capable of withstanding storms and extreme weather conditions. We can create a wide range of products, such as chairs, benches, and flower pots. It is also a sustainable material that will complement any natural elements that you have incorporated into your outdoor design, including wood, metal, and leather.

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Concrete Sinks

At Concrete Designs we create beautiful, custom-made concrete sinks and vanity tops for residential and commercial clients nation wide. Hand-made in Kansas City, our artisans take pride in creating products that are not only functional but a piece of art, a conversation starter, a one-of-a-kind element that complements your lifestyle and your aesthetic taste. Curious to learn more? Shop our store today or contact us today to discuss your custom order.

concrete slant sink
square concrete firepit with translucent stones, gas powered

Concrete Firepits

Firepits can be a wonderful addition to any back yard, creating a warm and inviting space to relax and unwind. At Concrete Designs, we create unique gas firepits and fire-tables for our clients. Contact us today to discuss your dream firepit.

Concrete Fireplace Surround

A concrete fireplace surround is a perfect way to add a decorative flair to your fireplace. This is perfect for areas that are in need of a boost of an instant makeover. Make a statement that defines the look and feel of your living area. Not only will a fireplace surround protect your beautiful home from embers and sparks it will also give you years of enjoyment while basking in the glow of your new fireplace.

white and gray marble appearance fireplace surround made of concrete