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Concrete Designs and custom projects go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is our favorite thing to do. You give us an idea, and we will say, "Let's make something beautiful!" Our goal is to give you something more spectacular than you even imagined. We do not stop when we reach an aspect of a project that is challenging. Instead, we push forward and say, "How can we make this work?" Then we don't stop until we have made it work and it exceeds our own expectations!

We love working with concrete and creating custom concrete furniture that our customers will enjoy and love showing off to friends and family. Our designs are truly one of a kind and are also functional pieces of art. Whether you are looking for a custom fire pit, custom concrete fireplace, a decorative concrete table, or some other piece of concrete furniture, our concrete artisans will do an excellent job crafting you a custom concrete work of furniture art.

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Concrete Table with Waterfall

The Concrete Furniture Craftsmanship Process

The process of building you a custom concrete piece of furniture begins with you. It is your idea and your dream—our job is to bring it to life. Start by writing down your idea, sketch it out on paper, and jot down what you want the piece to include. What do you want the piece to say? What is the statement you want to bring to your space? Are there colors and textures you want your showpiece to include? What about the size?

Whether you are looking for a special concrete table for an outdoor patio or a custom fire pit, we can help bring your vision to life. We are devoted to customer satisfaction, so your concrete project is not complete until you are happy with the finished product. We have years of experience creating custom concrete sinks, custom-made fire pits, fireplace surrounds, countertops, tables, and more.

Contact Seth at Concrete Designs and share with him what you are picturing. Seth will take your ideas and present you with all the project details, including what the end result will look like, the time frame, and cost.

You'll be able to sit back and enjoy the fact that your showpiece of functional art is being created by the best in the business. 

Concrete Designs Team

All of Our Concrete Furniture Is Handmade

At Concrete Designs, we take pride in the fact that all of our work is designed with durability in mind and is handmade by our talented artisans. Each piece gets the time and attention it deserves. Whether we are crafting custom fire rings or an indoor coffee table, your piece will be crafted with the highest quality by artisans that care deeply about the end product. Our work is NOT mass-produced and does not come off of a conveyor belt. Your beautifully detailed work of cement furniture art will be there to beautify your home, adding visible flare and functionality to any room or yard they're placed in, sparking conversation wherever they are.

Our furniture artisan crew provides quality work, engages in professionalism throughout your project, and devotes themselves to top notch customer service always. If you are looking for custom concrete furniture in the Kansas City area, look no further than Concrete Designs.

Concrete Designs In Action: Our Fire Pits

Whether you're hosting friends for a friendly get-together or relaxing outside during a leisurely evening, you can't go wrong when you add a custom fire pit to the mix. At Concrete Designs, our gorgeous fire pits are made to work with any yard, patio, or deck. Each piece is unique to its surroundings but always designed to impress and comes with quality guaranteed. Learn more about these incredible pieces of functional art, then contact us today, and find out how a custom fire pit can accentuate your home!

Concrete Designs in Action: Our Fireplace Surrounds

Your fireplace is a focal point in your home, and it brings people together to share stories, stay warm in Kansas City’s cooler weather, and get cozy. We can create a custom fireplace surround for your home and you can choose the style, texture, size, and other options. Whether you want concrete polishing on your fireplace surround or a more textured finish, we can create an inviting gathering place to enjoy great people and great conversation.

There's so much more where those came from—at Concrete Designs. Check out our tabletops, sinks, and countertops, and get inspired for your new project.

square concrete firepit with translucent stones, gas powered

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